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Consolidating my blogs

I'm consolidating my blogs so from now on you'll find me posting over on SARAH FRASER WRITES http://sarahfraserw...

IKEA effect for improvement projects

The IKEA effect is the tendency for people to place a disproportionately high value on objects that they assembled thems...

The outdoors is my preference for a classroom

My job title of "Senior Explorer" might surprise those who expect the more formal Director, or President, or ...

When over efficiency means less productivity

I was, at first, speechless when I heard about an NHS friend who spend part of her work days perched on the e...

Paper: The concepts of scalability...

A new paper is out which looks at the concepts of scalability - what is meant by it and how to health promotion interven...

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The Associates are all independent and own their own companies. We choose to connect and work together to leverage our joint skills and knowledge. Through supporting each other we aim to provide our individual clients as best as possible. Please feel free to contact any Associate as you feel best suits your need.

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Our Mission is to .... Help you help yourself, so you can achieve what you want as an individual, team or organisation. We do this through organisational development, self-administered training programmes, masterclasses, consultancy and other innovative diagnostic and treatment approaches. We believe learning is a developmental, incremental and often fun process!